St Gluvias Church, Penryn
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Church of EnglandAnglican Diocese of Truro

St Gluvias is
a Fairtrade Church

Welcome to the Church of St Gluvias, Penryn

St Gluvias with Penryn is a Church of England parish
in the Anglican Diocese of Truro

We are a living community, seeking to worship God and to grow in faith, serving the people of the parish and the wider world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Christian people have worshipped on this site since - and probably before - a church was dedicated on 25th July 1318 to St Gluvias the Martyr. It is our great delight to join with the whole people of God world-wide and through all ages in worshipping daily the One in whom we live and move and have our being.

We invite you to join us. We worship on Sundays at 10.00am for the Parish Mass and, on the first Sunday of the month, at 6.00pm also for Solemn Evensong and Benediction.

We serve refreshments in Church every Sunday morning after Parish Mass.

We regret that Children's Church is not currently available.

See our Church Diary page for details of Sunday worship and the Regular Worship page for weekday worship and other prayer and study resources.

The FOOD BANKS in Cornwall saw their busiest time ever this past week, and many people will struggle to feed themselves and their families over the Christmas period. Please continue to help with non-perishable foods however you can, and thank you to those of you who regularly turn-up with contributions.

Monthly Prayer Diary webpage (Diocese of Truro)
O Lord Jesus Christ,
who at your first coming sent your messenger
to prepare your way before you:
grant that the ministers and stewards of your mysteries
may likewise so prepare and make ready your way
by turning the hearts of the disobedient to the wisdom of the just,
that at your second coming to judge the world
we may be found an acceptable people in your sight;
for you are alive and reign with the Father
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.
                                                                      Collect for the Third Sunday of Advent

Climate Change Prayer

The challenge of climate change is huge, we will all have different ways of responding but one thing we can all do is pray. Each month we will feature a prayer from churches and others around the world. We would welcome submissions of climate change prayers, of up to 20 lines, to

God's World

God who made the world and loves it
grieves to see the way we’ve hurt
the good earth and diverse creatures.
Wake our guilt, make us alert
to our part in global warming
floods and drought, polluted seas
starving people, loss of species
dried up farmland, burned up trees.

Wake us, God, to thought and action
spur us, show us how we can
turn the tide and ease the suffering,
live on earth as you have planned.
God who let us split the atom,
speed through space and reach the moon
teach us how to use such powers
peacefully, for everyone.

When the world of good and evil
forces us to make a choice
may we give due weight as you do
to each suffering, pleading voice.
God who speaks, help us to listen,
work and vote, pray and sing,
change our values, live more simply
build a world where love is king.

by Averil Stedeford

Further seasonal Prayer Resources

from can be found here.

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According to the major web traffic indicators, Ekklesia has the most visited web site concerned with religion in the UK.
A topical reflection...

There's a lot of gloomy pontificating about religion in the news these days. The impression is often created - by both secular and faith-based commentators - that those with a narrow, exclusive or bigoted approach are setting the agenda. Surely it is not without significance, then, that the biggest audience for a religious website in the UK comes to Ekklesia - which takes a broad, open and transformative approach? Just a thought. The world is not always "as reported".

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